Jeff Cooper

First Post, Part Two

26 Jul 2013

A little under four years ago, it was summer. I was entering my senior year. My ego was about the size of a small planet, and for good reason: I was doing well enough in school to ensure that I would have a future, I had fantastic friends, and I had somehow managed to be elected or appointed as the leader of every club I was in.

So really, the circumstances were quite similar to today.

Anyways, I decided that I would start a blog. I had a lot to say about politics, tech, and life in general, and I really wanted a place to shout those thoughts at the world. Wordpress was all the rage in those days, so I started a blog (all of the posts have since been imported to this blog). I didn't have money, so I didn't bother with a custom domain, but it didn't matter. I had a web presence. There was much rejoicing.

And then the thing that happens to lots of people with interesting lives happened to me: I got busy with my interesting life and ran out of time to write about it. I wrote the occasional article, usually as a distraction from what I was supposed to be doing (like, say, schoolwork), but as a whole I found myself microblogging in the form of Facebook posts rather than actually writing out big long posts.

Well, as the years have gone on, I've gotten a bit more... verbose. I've never really been able to make my thoughts fit in a tweet, but I'm getting to the point where I'll occasionally have to shorten a thought to fit in a Facebook post, which allows quite a bit more length. And besides, permanence is nice, and all of this is not to mention that I have a shiny new domain name.

I can't promise that I'll update with any sort of frequency, but I will do my best to document my thoughts here. I'll probably also throw in some code, some verse, and maybe even some happenings from my life.

So here we are again. Four years later. It's so different, yet so much the same.

Hello, world.

PS: I advise you to be careful if you decide to go read all of my old posts at once. That much pure unadulterated Jeff could drive you crazy.

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