Jeff Cooper

Taking a Break

19 Feb 2014


After some soul-searching, I've come to realize that over the past few years I've been letting my online relationships take the place of relationships in the real world. The real-world relationships that I do make have all suffered as a result of what can best be described as an addiction to social information: facebook is always there and doesn't sleep, and I started expecting that of real people. It took several real-world relationships damaged or destroyed before I realized what was going on, but as of right now I have decided that my real-world relationships are more important than the online substitute, and I that I need some distance from the internet while I learn to sort out what's real and what isn't.

Starting tonight and going for at least two weeks, I will be deactivating my facebook profile while I try to repair my ability to interact with people and the relationships that I have broken.

Thank you to everyone who has expressed support. I would love to catch up with you all in person or on the phone, or by email ( or even post (5032 Forbes Ave, SMC 4761, Pittsburgh PA 15289).

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